Best Sales Tools

What are your favorite sales tools/apps?

It’s not really a sales tool, but I am a big fan of Evernote! Have been using it for years now - it helps me stay organized and not forget anything important.


@salesdude Have you ever used Evernote was great for me in college, but I recently discovered and it is a lot easier for me to use it at work than Evernote!

Everyone is obsessed with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is the best tool for me because I can put in a company and quickly find the VP of Sales associated with that company. I also set some alerts that update me whenever someone changes jobs. I suggest starting with the free trial but after that, it is $79.99 a month. It is really worth it if you have the budget.

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One sales tool that is quite unique is Zintlr.

It’s one of the first sales prospecting tool which has Personality Intel to help personalise the outreach and increase the conversion rates.

If you wanna explore here’s the link