Where to find speech content expert for luxury services and products?


I would like to know where, besides Clarity website, could I find worldclass Sales Speech (verbal Pitch) creation experts for outgoing phone calls (cold calling) and incoming phone calls for high ticket closing business (Dan Lok)? Both luxury products and luxury services.

So far I only know Clarity but entrepreneurs there don’t reply. I am aware of freelance websites like freelancer, upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour etc but handing to someone responsibility to create me a speech which would basically prevent any objections, even if is just a statement that further discussion has to be done with decision maker, by prospect in advance and making sure that even for completely uninterested prospect, speech turns around his or her mindset to become committed one (or leave competitor to come to me), is very serious work. Specially if my entire life, entire career in particular project, would depend on such speeches from which I would expect few tens of millions of eur/gbp/usd whatever per month from closing sales…

Also tried upinsales, agents24, repsagent, commissioncrowd etc but didn’t manage to find the verbal pitch (speech) creators.

I am looking for world’s best contents for speeches and therefore really need highest quality experts. Tried to contact TEDX headquaters but they don’t have such database.

Any help where to look for, for such sales speech (for phone calls) expert with extremely powerful psychological and motivational effect to impact prospect’s mindset, would be highly appreciated.

Thank you million times in advance.

Hi there! First off, I definitely understand how difficult it is to come up with a sales pitch. There’s a lot of work that needs to be put into it and you need to think carefully about what your prospect wants to hear.
Unfortunately, there is no pitch (no matter how well-crafted) that can magically turn all of your prospects into customers. There are too many variables on your prospects’ end for that to happen. So, instead of searching for a speech-writing service to write the perfect pitch for you, I would recommend that you write a great pitch yourself! In my opinion, outsourcing your pitch would actually hurt your chances at closing a deal, because you risk coming off as unauthentic and irrelevant to prospects. Prospects want to hear how your product can help solve their unique problem. By delivering a cookie-cutter pitch, you won’t be able to effectively show them this. I recommend doing some research on a prospect’s pain points and creating a pitch based on what you find. Here’s a helpful video on how to deliver a great sales pitch: https://www.badgermapping.com/blog/how-to-deliver-sales-pitch/

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@aj753 Thank you for your reply. Regarding what are you suggesting: you said to do research on prospect’s pain points and creating a pitch based on what i find. When it comes to researching pain points, those can be differed in multiple areas:

current situation
possible problems
needs ( * )
expectations (requests) to problem solver

( * ) can be bypassed if there is so perfect logical relationship between problems and expectations that needs could be integrated into those two.

But my question: do you think market research service would help? On Fiverr are many market research experts, what exactly should I ask for? Just CURRENT most common problems in X service or Y product? Or most common goals? If not, what then?

If market research expert would be able to find out problems, then I would need some pitch expert to provide ultimate pitch (speech) to this problems, no?

Hi, if you let me know what product/price you offer I create a pitch for you.
I manage sales operations for 26 years in Europe / Asia / South America and trained and coached people on scripted presentations 1 on 1 and in telemarketing.
Sincere Regards