What’s your tech “Sales Life Hack”

To start: I’m a territory manager for an industrial component manufacturer - remotely based (home office), and travel to many customers over a multi-state area. I’ve been on the road a bit more recently, and it got me to thinking about tech I carry with me daily. What’s that one thing that’s proved invaluable too you that you carry daily?

For me, its a 10ft HDMI cable. This has proven useful in a ton a applications from presenting in a customer conference room (do you know how many times rummaging for a cable has derailed a meeting for me? Come prepared. It’s always received well), connecting my laptop to monitors in our field offices, and also hooking up to a hotel TV for either a second large monitor or to kick it with some Netflix. My point is it comes in handy often.

What’s in your daily carry that’s your “Sales Life Hack”?