What is Territory Management?

How does your company define territory sales management? What are your daily tasks?

I do a lot during the course of one week.

  1. Oversee sales in my region
  2. Analyze financial and sales records
  3. Research marketing activities
  4. Follow up leads and close sales
  5. Submit reports
  6. Mentor staff
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As a territory manager, like the name of the job suggests, I am responsible for the sales methods for and revenue generated from a certain geographical area. Depending on your company, this could be rather concentrated e.g. a city or more broad e.g. a few states. I’d say that the job is pretty integral for any corporation and the tasks range from developing and pursuing a sales strategy, setting goals and analysing sales team performance. A lot of my time is also spent communicating and aligning with other departments such as logistics, marketing, and product, in order to develop the ultimate sales strategy that would work best in my region. Ultimately, my job is to make sure that we generate value for the customers and revenue for the corporation.

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For my company, I serve as the “balancer” of the sales area. Basically, I make sure that there are never too many salespeople focusing on a smaller area or that the area is too big for too few salespeople.

This is important for several reasons. First, if there is an unbalanced sales area, the team assigned to that area may be making too little or too much commission when compared to other members of the team, which can create a toxic workplace environment. Second, customer service will inherently be better if the areas are fairly balanced. This is due to the correct number of employees assigned to the area to answer customer questions and to be available for face-to-face contact when needed.

Territory management is extremely useful when deployed correctly.

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I spend a good portion of my work on analyzing and interpreting sales and financial reports to determine and explain the effectiveness of all the sales reps and marketing campaigns. I am regularly conducting surveys of our focus groups in order to be up-to-date with our customers’ needs and choose the best tactics to address them. Another important task is managing interpersonal relationships, both in my team and with local firms or organizations which are especially important for our target group.

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