What do you think is the most rewarding part of working in sales?

Hi y’all! I was curious to hear about what everyone finds the most rewarding part of sales, and if it has changed the longer you’ve worked in the field? I graduated with a technical background, and honestly, only got into sales because I needed a job and was intrigued by the financial gain. Where else could I find another job that paid extra based on performance, except for working overtime? But I quickly became hooked on the never-ending challenges in sales. From getting better at prospecting to overcoming objections, every day was a puzzle and it really engaged with my love for problem solving. I’ve been in sales for over a decade now and never running out of problems to solve/ways to better myself has definitely been the most rewarding part for me. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s experiences!

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Hi Daniyal_0! This is such a great question, it’s nice to reflect on how great my job in sales has been. I have been in sales for years now, and the best part of my job has always been forming and maintaining customer relationships. I have always loved talking with people, and my job in sales allows me to incorporate that activity into my daily work routine. Following up and checking in are essential for a salesperson, and I have seen that my customers really appreciate my efforts to stay in contact. When I close a deal, it means my customer feels comfortable talking with me and trusts me, which definitely makes my job so much more rewarding. Positive feedback from customers ensures that I am doing my job well, and it feels good to have my hard work recognized.

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I’ve always boasted to my friends about this, but its definitely the fact that I get to work on my own schedule! Before I got into remote sales, I really struggled with maintaining a lifestyle I wanted while doing a 9-to-5. But now when I wake up, I get to squeeze in a workout and some light reading before heading to work, which is so different! I’m loving the autonomy.

The confidence to talk with and build relationships with people is a timeless ability I’ve learnt from sales. I remember I used to dread going to job fairs in college because I hated small talk, but now I can converse with people with ease. Networking becomes not just small talk once you’re good at it. Since my social skills have improved so much, I’ve also seen a lot of improvements in my interpersonal relationships outside of work. So yeah, thanks sales!

Nice question, and so unique for every salesperson too! For me, I find being able to travel to new places, getting to meet all different types of people, and immersing myself in new cultures the most rewarding part of working in sales. It’s such an enriching experience every time and always a learning experience. Sometimes I’ll finish visiting a client in a beautiful new city and will have to sit down to take it all in. That I’m here, not in a stuffy cubical somewhere, and that I get to do this for a living. Oh, and of course, traveling at the company’s expense is the cherry on top!

Honestly, my largest reward from working sales is the money. I love being in full control of my earnings and making the amount I put into my job. Like you with problem solving, being in control of my paychecks is a constant motivator for me to work harder, smarter, and learn more ways to get better at selling.

Of course, the money is great - you won’t find very many other roles where how hard you work directly corresponds with how much you get paid. Beyond the monetary - I come from a substantial athletic background. When I transitioned out of college athletics and into the world of work, I found out very quickly I needed a goal to chase and something to win. Sales gives me that.

When you have a good team around you, and can high-five and chest-bump after a huge win…that’s what keeps me motivated.