Using Badger to implement PharmaceuticalPharmaceutialRep Routing

Hi, I am looking for tips on how to best use Badger to Implement a 2 week routing in a large pharma territory. I would see my A doctors every other week and my B doctors 1x per month. Has anyone used Badger to do this? Best tips and tricks appreciated.

Hey @Jjb,

Thank for your interest in Badger! Using Badger, you are able to upload your customer data from an Excel file, CSV, or intergrate your account with an already existing CRM. Then, Badger will map the data for you making it easier to see your A and B doctors, which you can separate using our filter and colorizing tools. Badger also lets you plan and schedule optimized routes for the futute as it integrates with your calendar. You can basically create a different filter for each type of doctors and plan your routes for those 2 weeks in just a few minutes.

If you need further assistance on how to do this, you can contact our support team here or schedule a demo with us here.

Hi @jjb! My team has been using Badger for a while now and I think that the easiest way to divide your customers the way you want is by creating a filter called “Frequency of Visits”. You can select all your A doctors and mass update them to assign the value “Every Other Week” and then your B doctors can have the value “Once a Month”. That way, using filters you’ll see on the map either your A doctors or your B doctors based on the frequency of your visits. Good luck with Badger! It’s a great tool with great options for salespeople!

Thanks, I will give it a try!