Typical outside sales rep day/week/month


What does the typical outside sales rep day/week/month look like? Obviously, it depends a lot on the industry, but would be interested in hearing lots of different perspectives!


Hi there, you are right that it definitely depends on the industry. You should build your routine around the specifics of your industry e.g. if you work with restaurants, selling during their peak morning/lunch/dinner hours will hardly ever work and this time could better be used with planning, answering emails, or doing paperwork. I have built up my routine around my industry and my clients, with whom I have pre-designated meetings at certain time periods e.g. biggest clients up to twice a week, smaller clients once every one-two weeks.


I work with a few bigger clients as opposed to a lot smaller ones. As retaining a good professional connection with them is so important, I visit most of my clients at their offices on a weekly basis. Additionally, I attend conferences and trade shows, trying to connect myself better in the industry. I also spend quite a lot of time trying to keep myself up-to date with the latest industry and technology advancements, as this allows me to provide better service for my clients and also increases my salary


Hi Grace, I also have similar questions. I’ve been considering a career as an outside sales rep but would love to hear from others to get a better idea on what to expect. As you mentioned I understand that it depends on the industry but I think my questions are in general. I think what I’d like to know more about is how your work schedule is determined? Is there a certain amount of hours per week? Do you clock in or report to someone?


For someone interested in a career as an outside sales rep, I think there are a few points you need to know. In terms of schedule, you make your own. You’re responsible for making your appointments and keeping in touch with your client which is why your schedule is constantly changing. There isn’t a specific number of hours but typically I find my coworkers and I sometimes work more than 40 a week. Outside sales is particularly time consuming. And to answer your reporting question, you are your own supervisor which is why you need to stay focused and on track. If you do go through with sales and find yourself struggling to balance everything I recommend trying out Badger Maps here. They’ve helped me stay organized and efficient. And I guess the app can be used for any industry.