Territory Review Presentation

I recently hired on at a large Industrial Automation and Electronics Manufacturer as a territory manager for the Oklahoma and Arkansas market - I’ve been on board for about 2 months.

Later this month I will be giving a sales presentation as a “Territory Review,” where I will be putting together and presenting a PowerPoint presentation with one slide dedicated to each of the following topics:

1.) Top 5 Product Lines by percentage in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018
2.) Top 5 Opportunity Review for FY 2018
3.) New Customer Target Account Conversions for FY19
4.) SOFT (Satisfactory - Opportunities - Failures - Threats) Report
5.) Tools I need to be more successful
6.) FY18 Success Story

Given that I’ve been with the company for a limited amount of time, I have no FY 2018 data to present. Granted, my bosses understand and I’ve been given a large amount of slack in this presentation - I’m looking for ideas as too what I can present instead of taking the easy way out.

What information would you be looking for in a Territory Review from the new guy?

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If you have enough data I would maybe do a slide focused on ROI. There you would address the need your customer has, why they purchased your product, and how well you have fulfilled that need. If possible use numbers to back you up and demonstrate what you are saying. Good Luck!

Thanks Grace, I appreciate the input! I ended up covering a territory plan I put together, discussed focus accounts and markets, and generated ideas for getting to know the large organization I work for better.

Few things to cover: 1. Define your market 2. Analyze the data into short concise phrases 3. SWOT analysis 4. Set your future goals 5. Communicate your plan of execution

Before you start your presentation you need to make sure you know your audience. This way, you’ll be able to identify their specific needs and create a personalized presentation. Adjusting your presentation to your audience is the key to keep their attention and only include relevant content. I would personally first draft the presentation on paper, to avoid filling it with extra content I stumble upon on the internet, that might not be too fit for the audience. Another important thing to keep in mind while you design your PowerPoint presentation is that it should be a visual support for your listeners and not a summary for you in case you forget what to say. I would also recommend trying Prezi or Canva to design more compelling presentations. Overall, I think the 6 slides length is great and the topics you were thinking about are interesting!