Tech vs Traditional Materials in Outside Sales


When meeting with customers, do you prefer to use tablets or traditional methods e.g. paper catalogues?


I definitely prefer to use a tablet or laptop - it’s just way more convenient and efficient. But I do still carry a paper version of my docs just in case technology fails me!


At my company we have an internal app that I use on my tablet or laptop.


I like to use a mix of tablet and paper! I use my tablet for making the initial conversation but I also like to have a paper catalog reference in case they interrupt the presentation with a question about the product.

So, I mostly use my tablet but I haven’t fully given up my paper material. I find that clients like to have something tangible to hold onto during my presentation.


I guess it also really depends on your industry/prospects and how digitalized they are. I work in a bit more old-fashioned industry and always cary a small brochure explaining our value proposition that I leave with my customers. I send them everything via mail etc too, but chances are they don’t use it as much so giving them the physical copy is my solution for this.


I use the same as Kendra – hardcopies and paper brochures for the clients to hold on to. But I’ve learned that some people like documents being sent over email as well, it’s quick and hard to ‘lose’. We are also living in an increasingly tech-heavy world, so it makes sense to use technology to give presentations and send information over.


Different industries have different levels of technological adoption really. It depends a lot on the sensitivity, confidentiality, and general industry constraints. Think of pharmaceuticals for example. I know that some companies invest heavily in developing their own platforms, from which potential prospects could gather all the information they need if provided with access.