Software help for 3rd world new entrepreneur

Hello fellas!

I’m Edgar from Argentina, we’ve been manufacturing eyeglasses for kids from about an year. Our business is selling to optic stores, so getting in contact with Badger was a game changer, we are now 7 people working even with the economic crisis we have.

I thought maybe you could help me, i’ve already been reading the forum but i’m not sure how to help my business to use software.

All our sales are with meeting, optic stores here don’t buy with internet (its like the 90’s), so when we visit the client, we write down the check in on badger and take a picture of the “receipt” we give to the client including the eyeglasses, cost, etc.

The problem is, now we are selling to many stores but:

  • I can’t keep track of my clients (who bought “X” in what month, which item is sold better in “X” area, etc).
  • I 'm tracking the sales with excel spreadsheets and it is taking too much time.
  • It would be ideal to avoid repeating the job, if for example, i can do the check in with voice recorder, and it goes to the same place than the picture we take to the sale receipt, we can do all that within one inventory management software.
  • The exchange rate is bad for us, paying USD software is expensive so we don’t have more than 100-130Usd/month

Is there a software than can do this? Are there many softwares that can i integrate to solve this problem? Nowadays i have ZERO control of the items i have in the office.
Thank you very much, and if i can help with something about eyeglasses sales here, i’d be happy to help.

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Is someone here available for help?

Hi @ArgentoVision, thank you for your question! We’re so happy to hear that you’ve been a loyal customer of Badger Maps for some time now. I understand what you’re saying about keeping your accounts and check-ins organized for each optic store. I suggest scheduling a call with one of our customer success representatives so they can walk you through all that Badger Maps can offer. I think the problem you are suggesting can actually be solved within Badger’s app. Click here to schedule a call with one of our CSAs. We wish you the best and Happy Selling!

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