Small vs. mid-sized company?

Does anyone have any experience with small vs mid-sized companies? I am wondering your opinions on what size of company I should look for during job search.

This really depends on the type of company, its internal organization, and the industry - both have positive and negative sides.

Let’s say for example you start working for a small start-up. You’d most probably get a lot of responsibility and learn (by doing). However, chances are there will not be perfect processes and operations, it could be more chaotic, less certain position (because you depend on investment and revenues if bootstrapped). This is a completely different picture than a small but stable business, that has established operations, processes etc.

Working at a mid-size company can provide you with more job stability and thus safety. The amount of responsibility, growth and learning opportunities really depend on the company though.

Hi Daniella, I agree with what @sherri87 said. I’d also like to add that working for a smaller company as you’re just starting out may be best. Smaller companies and hard work go hand-in-hand because there are likely less people and resources to get the task finished. You will be able to have high ownership of the projects you’re working on. At a more established, mid-sized company, you may just be given one project with very little guidance. It’s really up to you, Daniella.

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Hey! Yeah, like everyone said, it’s a two-sided coin. I’d recommend really figuring out what you want out of your job experience, then seeing which option best fulfills those wants. Just some things to consider: mid-sized companies usually have a more obvious, easy-to-navigate structure, and provide better benefit packages. But change happens more slowly in these companies, so it’d be tough if you’re stuck with a corporate culture you don’t like. On the other hand, since there’s not many employees in smaller businesses, your success is more visible. So you may find it more rewarding if you’re achievement/praise orientated. You’ll probably also get the chance to work on more inter-departmental projects with varied jobs and responsibility, if that interests you. But keep in mind your screw-ups will also be more visible, and smaller companies usually provide smaller benefit packets. Anyway, hope these considerations are helpful and best of luck with your job search!