Sales vs AI, how it will affect personal selling in the future

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started to wonder how sales would change in the future and was wondering what the people of this forums opinion would be regarding AI and sales.

Do you think AI will likely change personal selling in the future?

Check out the “success” of Chatbot Vs. selling on Video chat.
30% of people who get on a video chat convert with 125% value due to up sale.

Just wrote this in a blog…
Make it Personal

The solution is a Face 2 Face personal relationship with a sales representative, that can guide the lead through the purchase process while finding out the best fit for his needs. The conversion is increased and there is a clear distinction between an intention to buy Vs. Just exploring once, a video chat is offered, as shown in this AMA research

  • Live chat increases conversions by 20%. Live chat helps answer customer questions and remove buying objections and results in a more confident consumer.
  • Customers who chat are 3x more likely to buy. Live chat provides a method for more direct and personal interaction with customers, resulting in an increase in the likelihood that they will make the purchase.
  • Live chat improves customer satisfaction levels. Chat offers customers a more immediate and satisfying method to get their questions answered. As a result, customers walk away from the interaction feeling more satisfied and positive about your brand.

But a part of the obvious better conversion value there is other values related to brand trust & satisfaction. Better prospecting & deal assessment, and in general better service.

The first thing to realize is that after a website lead, it is imperative to initiate F2F sales. This strategy is specific to B2B inbound sales but is very relevant in providing real-time sales guidance to your potential customers.

As part of smart sales conversations - whether as part of a video sales chat or an in-person meeting - it is important to understand what your customers are like as users as well as to figure out what problem they are trying to solve with your specific solution. During these meetings, with a better understanding of what they are looking for, you can then recommend various options (if available) or begin to go through relevant information with the client - whether there are demos, what your payment models are like, how you differ from competitors, etc.

Of course, these are common to every good sales conversation. What’s important here, however, is that you have this conversation within minutes of the initial lead from the website. To do this, it becomes imperative to assign specific representatives who are laser-focused on responding to leads. This turns out to be ridiculously important, and companies can ensure that high-value leads are at their best and freshest when they make the next point of contact (in-person contact) with your team.
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