Sales presentations

What’s your best advice for making good sales presentations?


The rule I follow in every single sales presentation is personalization.

Personalizing your sales presentation means doing extensive research on your prospects, their companies, their industries, the context they already have for your presentation, etc. You need to know your prospect’s pain points, map your presentation to them, and focus on what they really care about.

With a presentation that is tailor-made to suit your prospect’s needs, you have a much better chance to succeed and close the deal.

Contrary to what some people might think, you should start off your presentation by talking about your product’s best feature. The best feature will vary by presentation and prospect, since it’s the specific feature that solves your prospect’s most urgent problem. By giving away the best part at the beginning, you’ll capture your prospect’s attention and let them know that you can really help them.

With research and a customized pitch, you’ll be able to convey the value of your product and anticipate your prospect’s objections more effectively. This is only possible with a customized pitch since it requires a deep knowledge about your prospect.

Other than that, just remember to keep your tone conversational and be natural :wink:

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Steve makes some good points. I try to remember to “be a human, not a salesperson.” It can be really hard to not focus on closing the deal during the presentation but it is important to remember the personalities of the group that you are presenting to. You want to create a friendly environment where people can contribute to the conversation when they have questions or explain why the service can be helpful to them.

Even when you have done a bunch of research about the client, you may still not know the exact reason why they are in need of your services. Opening the floor to a two-way discussion may be the key to gaining their business.