Sales career paths

I’m new to outside sales, coming from software sales, but am not sure if it’s the right fit for me. What do you like about the job and why? Trying to find out if I can make it work for me or if it’s just not the best fit.

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I like the indepedence that comes with driving to all of your accounts. The face-to-face contact helps me really connect with my customers and have a good, friendly relationship with them. I would get ready with some new music or podcasts because you do spend a lot of time driving, and get yourself a good GPS system. I use a holder for my phone so I can use google maps while driving which is imo the best one.

This is the one I purchased:

It can be a lonely job and it takes time to get used to that. But if you are an independent worker, the job can be a perfect mix of alone time and face-to-face contact. I came inside sales too and found that outside was a lot better fit for my personality.

I am a college student studying marketing and sales, where do you think I should start? I like the idea of outside sales but I am not sure what industry would be the best for a new person.

Hi there! How do I get into a career in territory sales?

If your question being there maybe you don’t. Anyone can force themselves to keep almost any job for a short time. The questions everyone should ask with any job are: do you find Meaning; does it give you a sense of Purpose; do you feel you have rapport with others in sales and Belong; most importantly do you feel a sense of contentment with moments of Happiness? They don’t need to be all 100% yes but at least 70% with room offering foreseeable improvement.

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You don’t sell Tupperware like software the same as selling a Lear Jet. There all different. I have an article called Surf, Turf and Amphibian on my blog That tells you a great deal. While door-to-door cold-calling for over 20 years we hired many car salespeople. Not one worked longer than 3 weeks. That’s when I did some research and discovered why.