Sales Articles?

Any recommendations for finding good sales articles? Are there any that you have seen that are worth sharing?


Hi Andrew, I would recommend LinkedIn. It’s a great place to find articles! You can create connections that are in the same field as you or follow the thought leaders and experts in your field and in order to find some great content.


Badger Maps has a blog where they focus on topics related to field sales! Their latest post talks about getting more qualified meetings, check it out! It has definitely provided me with some great tips so far.


I found some interesting articles here Sales Leaders Training


Hi @andrew! I would recommend you to check out HubSpot's Sales Blog. I've found it very helpful since there are guides for almost every sales topic. I also like a lot Inc., there is a lot of content about marketing, sales, and customer success. Check out ZoomInfo Blog for great advice on B2B Sales. Finally, if you are interested in social selling, LinkedIn Sales Blog is the best. After all, what would social selling be without LinkedIn?

Hey everyone!
Check out Badger Maps' blog for some of the best articles on outside sales. On the blog, you will find actionable tips on many different sales topics, from how to start a career in sales to great ways to stay healthy on the road. We have many articles that will help you improve your sales skills, like top tips to craft the perfect sales pitch, the best way to overcome sales objections and how to create a territory plan. You will also find articles about free resources for salespeople, top books every salesperson should read and success tips from the best sales leaders.
If you are looking for a quick read, we recommend you to check out our CEO's profile in Quora, where he shares his best sales tips.
Happy Selling!

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Here’s another one from The Martec that interviews thought leaders from Salesforce, Oracle, Hubspot, Zendesk, SAP and Juniper Networks to understand some of the changes in the industry and how things are moving towards focusing on the customer. Here

Also have a pretty good sales section Here for similar stuff

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I used to read a lot of articles from the Harvard Business Review, they are very complete and well written. But if you are interested in reading something more actionable and less academic, I think For Entrepreneurs and Influencive are great sources. Finally, I really enjoy reading HubSpot’s guides, there’s a guide for almost every topic, and they are both academic and actionable.