Prospect offers unethical trade-off, what can I do?


Recently, a new prospect popped up on my radar because they decided to drop one of our competitors and opened themselves up for bids from us and a few other competitor groups. So, as I’m running through my sales pitch, the prospect subtly hinted that they would pick my company if I gave them a 3% kickback from my commission. I was honestly pretty dumbfounded since I’ve never had this happen and didn’t know how to respond. I really could use the money, but just don’t feel right getting it this way. I was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else and, if so, what did you do and, if not, what would you do?


I’d say this is something that rarely happens. This is a chance to show your work ethics and put them before your own interests (or need for money) and say NO to such a shady agreement. If you explain the whole situation to your manager, and he/she sees that you’ve had integrity and you didn’t accept the unethical offer, they might value and trust you more. You might even get a raise, and that’d be the right way of getting that extra money…


Some prospects are real jerks! You should never EVER accept a deal like that. Not only for your own ethics, but to keep your job and be able to advance your career. Just imagine, if your manager found out that you’ve agreed to something like that, he’d most likely fire you and you’d have a hard time finding another job in sales. Integrity is sometimes hard to keep, but it pays off in the long run.