Personal Experiences

What was one of your craziest sales experiences? When meeting so many people, there are always some funny and crazy stories to tell and I’d love to hear some from you guys!


I am originally from Germany but live in the US and contact all of our German customers from here. One of them complimented me for my excellent German and told me that I have just a little bit of an accent. I guess I had to take it as a compliment :smiley:


Once in a meeting with a client at his office, I noticed he had a lot of images of dogs around his office. I assumed he liked dogs, so I started explaining the different options I could offer him in terms of types of dogs. I don’t know why I did that, but it worked! I use it as an example on how connecting with customers is important now.


One time while I was on a call and the client completely changed the topic of conversation. We realized we had the same Alma Matter and after that, he proceeded to tell me his life story. How after a troubled beginning he now considers himself a changed person, a man of God. As much as I tried to steer the conversation back to the sale, he kept preaching the word of God. Fortunately, after a very long phone call and a Bible study invite, I managed to still close the deal.

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Am in SaaS software business (B2B for restaurants/breweries) and meet the owners of the restaurant for demos/closures. A restaurant owner called me for a demo on a Saturday morning to a pub. To my surprise I found 2 senior sales and account management representatives (one of our competitor) sitting across the same table. Our prospect quizzed us on various aspects of the software and made us explain why ‘each’ of us was better than the other. This was a first for me but it was quite exciting, I ensured that I respected my competitor while explaining how we can add more value and be their partner. In fact we missed some features that our competitor had at that time but I promised to add them in a few weeks committed to it in writing. The deal was closed the same day.