Online Sales Tools

What online sales tools do you use or maybe would like to use that helps you or can potentially help with your sales business?

What I am looking for is like how an online mortgage calculator can be useful for a Real Estate Sales Agent or the Badger Map Tool can be useful for an Outside Sales Rep.

What I want to do is provide a tool for sales reps that I can offer for free on my website. If there is something that you use or maybe you have an idea for a tool that can be useful I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you

Hey Dave! I use Xero to keep track of what I have in stock, sales orders, and warehouse information. It’s very useful for sales reps that sell physical products, and you can have a free trial for 30 days. I also recommend FreshBooks, which is an accounting and invoicing tool, that makes the payment process very easy.

Hey thank for the info I will look into that. I am really want to find something I can offer for free. If this is something I can offer for free I will do. Even if I can get away with offering it for a couple dollars month it will be something I would do. Again thanks for the info.

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