Newbie Sales Postion Questions. Potential to be a good job? Fair (How to determine)

Have been offered a design/ drafting/ project management/ sales position.
I have not received complete clarity about how the job is structured but have been given a proposal to look over. Wondering if this is a typical structure and could make sense for me to take a chance on.
I have done sales in the past but nothing like the way this is set up.

Initially appears that it will be a substantial cut in pay but wondering about the potential upside.
Need to know the right questions to ask… so any help I can get with that is appreciated.

Here’s a rough break down-
Salary + Commision

  • I will be drawing in a proprietary cad software and doing space planning for jobs that the client has a contract with the company for. So they will be getting paid a fee for the design portion of the work.
  • The idea is that these design jobs would end up becoming “my jobs” and I would be paid a percentage commision based on the cost of the design services in addition to my salary.
  • The additional idea is that on “my jobs” I will also be able to sell the equipment, the installation of the equipment and oversee/ project manage the project as a separate part of the contract during the design phase if the client decides to choose our company for these services. No guarantees but I’m assured that since we already have the lead in for the design portion that this naturally follows at least some of the time.

Right now the company is extremely backlogged with work and thus a part of the reason for wanting to bring me on.

They are telling me that while I am getting up to speed and learning the industry I will be managing over a million worth of backlogged projects and I will be paid x commission on x markup realized on these projects once they are closed out.

So, for 1st year I will probably not receive any commision for at least some portion of the year. Therefor will be dependent on my salary only which is a lot less than I am accustomed to making. Even after I realize the commision part, if I were to realize it ALL that first year I would still come up short of my earning potential but not by a crazy amount… and I would be willing to chance it if the REAL potential in the future for upside is there.

2nd year no salary but becomes a draw against my commissions but commisions double

3rd year no draw only commissions and commision stays the same as 2nd year so I’m completely living off of commisions.

Medical fully funded after 3 months
Doesn’t appear to be any more benefits other than expenses beyond x radius of company.

Seems like a lot of job flexibility. My own office.
Getting older and would be good to get from behind the computer all day long so I like the idea of getting out and about more.

If they are giving me over a million worth of projects that would imply that they have a lot more work that they are not giving me… so would seem to indicate a lot of potential for upside. Right?

Any and all help with this appreciated!