Motivate Sales Team

How do you motivate sales reps to work together as a team?


As a territory manager, my team became more connected when I began to involve incentives, recognition, and internal competitions. I found that they began to work harder when I began to encorporate friendly competitions.

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I agree with @JacobD, it’s important to incorporate recognition and incentives. It is hard for sales representatives to build a connection with their team especially if they each have their own individual quotas. Maybe give team building activities a try?

Through my experience, I’ve discovered that the best way to motivate your sales reps to work as a team is by focusing on the company’s vision and mission instead of on their individual quota. It’s more likely that people work as a team when they are pursuing a goal they can’t achieve by themselves, like the company’s mission. While if they focus on achieving something they are able to do on their own (such as their quota) it’s less likely that they will work as a team. Besides, I’ve found it’s highly motivational to involve sales reps on the core of your business.

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Coming from a new sales rep, what motivates me is my manager showing genuine interest in his team’s success. He’s a great resource and always willing to answer any and all questions.This and our attractive incentive program are what motivates me to work as hard as I can.