Looking for Sales Growth Advice

I am part of Startup Company that has full-fledged software team backing operations and marketing & sales consultants. I do marketing and sales.

We have launched few online b2b products that serve for businesses. Since Nov 2019, we have not seen growth in sales, in fact, there is no sales at all since then. We do SEO & SMM for our following products & services for years.

  • Online travel & tourism SaaS service type product
  • Content Management Software (CMS) product
  • Rental property advertising SaaS type product

Company may face crises if, our sales do not grow this year. Certainly, we do not wish that to happen. I would like to know what can be done to increase sales. I am open for one-on-one discussion if you think you can bring up a solution. Please note, I am not looking for SEO and SMM type solution because we already have that in place.

Curiosity, Value and Price.
You have to be creative to attract companies and when you get their attention to must be top closer.
Startup’s are always difficult in the beginning, trial and error and never give up.

My concern is that you had launched many products at once. My suggestion would be to focus on one product at a time. Without knowing specific specs if your sales team, this should help. Lack of focus can create confusion. Your sales team might not know what go focus on first. That’s where I would start.

I surely accept that this is a tough time for all start up companies due to the pandemic situation. But we have to work out our own ways to create sales graph. Earlier working on site the sales strategies, tactics were different and done with ease. With lockdown measures enforcing remote working during the pandemic, the sales profession has no other option but to adjust its highly interactive and in-person selling model. Not only do they need to find a new routine, but get a handle on new technologies for communication and collaboration.
The sales team have to reassure the existing customers and focusing more on getting new customers by adapting to a sudden shift in consumer behavior. Sales team has to keenly note all the conversations made with the customers to meet their requirements and increase the conversion rate.

Hello Rajkumarswami! Are you still looking for support? I know your question is of a few months back. Just seeing it now as I joined here. I’d like to discuss a bit more, 1-on-1 if possible to arrive at potential solutions for your space. Would you like to connect and have a conversation?