Looking for Sales Career Ideas

Good morning and thanks in advance for any guidance.

I have been a successful entrepreneur for most of my life (61 yrs) At this point, I could retire but I enjoy being productive and challenging myself.

I think that I would enjoy the challenge of outside sales. I am focusing on green technology, perhaps solar energy, since I am passionate about the environment.

While I don’t have much history working directly in sales, if you know anything about being an entrepreneur, you know that it involves some type of sales 24/7.

My biggest concern is that I don’t want to kill myself with long hours-I want to enjoy a varied life at this point. And while I am a US citizen, I may want to spend some time (winters?) each year in Latin America where I have a home and friends.

I am guessing that a company looking to hire in sales will not look favorably upon my desired lifestyle due to their financial outlay, so I am leaning towards being an independent rep.

While I know that my maturity, experience, and integrity would be an asset to a business, I wonder how just how crazy are my plans? Does anyone have suggestions of how to proceed?

Thanks again for all help!

Hi Jon, I'm glad to see you're interested in sales! I have no doubt you'll be able find a position that fulfills what you are looking for. First off, I'd say you should start researching independent sales rep roles in the industry that you're interested in. I know part-time sales rep is a position that more and more companies are starting to offer. If you find a role you're interested in applying for, be sure your resume highlights the skills and experience you have that are relevant to that position. Your hours and desire to travel throughout the year may restrict some options, but I would just be clear and upfront about your desires to whoever is interested in hiring you. I think this is a good start to finding your ideal sales rep role. Best of luck in your search!

Thank you for your support and suggestions!

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