LinkedIn for Sales

Any tips on how to best use LinkedIn for sales? My friend uses it to research leads as part of his qualification process but I’m not sure if this is the right platform for this and if it’s weird if they see that I looked at their profile.

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I wouldn’t shy away from using LinkedIn as a sales tool, whatsoever! It’s a great way to streamline finding the decision makers in organizations, arguably game-changing in this way, and social-selling can be a great tool to add to your sales outreach. I mix it with calls, emails and hand-written letters as no method is perfect. I’ve found, personally, that by viewing their “digital resume” you can make valuable connections before the introduction (i.e. - you went to the same college, have like contacts to make warm hand-off, they worked at a facility you were previously working, etc.).


LinkedIn is a great way to share your stories and pictures of things you want people in your industry to see . They will learn a lot about your Business and how you can help them by what you post. Also you will see what they have coming up and what they have done so you can also show support of the people in your industry.


@brianp Yeah, you’re right but do you think they look and see that I have viewed their profile? Do they care?

@brclarke I wouldn’t be concerned with you viewing their profile. If they’re decision makers they’re likely getting dozens of page views. It shows you’re doing your research.


@brianp Good point, thanks!