Joint Marketing & Sales Meetings

Hi all. I'm an outside sales manager of a team of 10. I want to start having joint monthly Sales and Marketing meetings to close gaps in mutual understanding and to benefit each other's productivity. There isn't a clear understanding from Sales about what Marketing does (likely because we rarely have cross-department meetings, and everyone sits by team in different corners of the office). At the same time, I think the Marketing team would benefit from any feedback Sales has on their current lead generation process based on their interactions with warm leads and customers. How can I structure productive interdepartmental meetings? Any tips?
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Ever thought of having each team do ride alongs as it were with each other??

First of all you need an Agenda to run this meeting, and it is always productive to stick to this agenda. Productive meetings also require ground rules to be set and adhere.
Further encourage participation from all members so that as many ideas and viewpoints can be collected - these are the actionables.
Through ratings method decide which actionables can be implemented in the short term and those after that.
Finally minute these actionables and track progress against it in subsequent meeting… I feel that is the way to go about it

Hi @Saeesh_Nayak. That makes a lot of sense. I really appreciate that and this gives me an idea on how I can structure the meetings. Do you also have ideas to how I can style it for sales and marketing, content-wise? For example, I want sales to give some actionable feedback on the quality of leads marketing is generating. I have an idea on how to go about that, but I would like to know what other teams are doing. What concrete actions can bring both teams closer together, and with clear understanding of each other's work?