Interview advice


I’ve had multiple interviews to get into B2B sales, ranging from food containers to medical device, pharma, and building materials. I’ve gotten pretty far a few times but never quite make it to the end. Anyone have experience in winning these interview battles? What do you think won it for you? Am I missing something super creative or funky that others are doing? Thanks in advance!



@Bspend I recommend first looking at B2B jobs that you are passionate about. It will be easier to interview if you are excited about working for that business. Having background knowledge on the company you are interviewing for is also a plus. I always look up any news or big press announcements the company has had recently so I can bring that up and be informed in the interview - that helps you ask smart questions too. Something that has worked for me also is following up with a company to create value. You want them to know you really want to work for them.


I agree with @Miranda, you always want to create value with the company you are interviewing for. I recommend asking thoughtful questions and practicing different scenarios that they could potentially ask.


@bspend Hi Blake! It may not necessarily be because you are doing something wrong, it could be that there was just a better fit for that position at that time. I think it would be worth it to go back to those who have interviewed you politely ask for feedback. Otherwise, you would just be guessing how to solve the problem. Hearing somebody tell you exactly where you went wrong gives you the opportunity to address the actual problem.