International Sales

I’ve been working as a sales rep for a Japanese firm for about 3 months. Sales have been great so far but I think they could be better. I spend a lot of time explaining the features of the product because customers usually do not take a deep look at the product on the website. I’ve recently come across the idea that it might be because the website is not translated, nevertheless it can easily be done by using google translate. I was wondering if you had the same problem and what do you think about the importance of having a multilingual website?

I am new to sales, but my company has been recently looking into revamping our websites so that they are multilingual in order to drive more traffic internationally. Here is a good read on why multilingual sites are important in business:

Hi @msterling! I agree with @andrew. In my experience, especially with a product distributed internationally, it is very important to make information about the product accessible to all. In this case, I think your company would benefit greatly from doing it. It would clarify much for existing customers as well as inform new or potential clients. Another tip I would add would be having a support team that is also bilingual. I guess it depends on the size of your business but I think that’s also very beneficial to have.