Inside vs. outside sales


I’m thinking about moving from an Inside to an Outside Sales position. Would appreciate any insights from people who have done that career move before or worked in both roles. Which one did you like better and why?


I started in an inside sales position several years back and in my opinion it’s a great way to prepare for an outside sales role. So that’s a good start if you’re considering the switch! It can definitely get a bit lonely when you’re suddenly on the road the whole time and don’t really see your team anymore. But I like the flexibility of it and that I can plan out my days/weeks on my own. I also make more money than I did in inside sales. It really depends what you’re looking for in a job, whether you like the perks of having an office, a more regular schedule and working with your team, or if you prefer the flexibility, autonomy and are ok with being on your own most of the time. I’m very happy with my outside sales role and wouldn’t want to go back.


I think it’s best to start in inside sales because you can really work on your conversation skills on the phone and learn about the fundamentals of sales before appearing face-to-face with a customer. I would go with it and try it out!


I think I get more done as an outside sales rep because it’s more independent


As the others already said, it really depends on you and your preferences. If you like one-on-one contact and are fine with traveling a lot, than outside sales is probably the better alternative. However, if you want to spend more time in the area where you live and with your family, than inside sales is probably better suited. Of course, it also depends on the specific role and the territory that you have to cover.


In my company they say outside sales is the greatest job ever. This being said by people that are not doing it. However, if you are okay with some travel then it really is a great job.

I personally prefer outside sales much more then I did inside sales. I am a people person and I love the unknown. Everyday was a new adventure and I never quite knew where the next hidden gem would be. I love cold calling and talking to strangers. You also will learn to appreciate little successes. Such as, getting the buyers name that you have been working on for 6 months or landing the first meeting with a target account.

I enjoyed the flexibility of my schedule and getting out and meeting people face to face. In my opinion, its much more fun slaying a bear that you have been working on for a year, then taking the phone call and selling the material.
However, I was fortunate to work for a company that required little overnight travel and I did not have to sacrifice much family time as some other outside positions might require.

Also as a bonus outside sale typically pay 15% more on average then inside sales positions.