Implementing Work Schedules for Sales Reps

How do you feel about schedules? How would you feel if your organization tried to implement a schedule for sales reps?

I have mixed feelings regarding this subject. On one hand, having a preferred schedule can be a helpful structure particularly for someone new to sales or your organization. On the other, particularly in sales - it’s important to stay flexible. Personally, I find that having a set schedule 3 days a week, and having 2 days for anything random that pops up/office work/etc. seems to work well. I work in industrial automation and manage multi-state distribution, so I may have to go troubleshoot something or solve random, ridiculous problem.

Depending on your industry, it may make sense to provide structure based on rep tenure or performance. For example, new reps or lower performers may need more structure to increase their output while reps with experience and high production may not need it. Keep in mind, if you have a high performing rep and you try to jam something down on them, it may drive them away. I’ve seen it happen.

When I first started out, I had an incentive structure monthly. If I hit 14 meetings per week, on a monthly basis, I received a bonus of $200 or $300. It really motivated me to get out and see people, otherwise I was leaving money on the table. Also, a meeting wasn’t a cold call where you talk to a secretary, get a name and leave. A meeting was infront of someone important and demoing a product, and then recorded in our CRM. Therefore I had the added bonus of having to learn about the products I was peddling, how to pitch them, and then the dicipline of entering in the CRM.

It worked well for me, and as you gain more contacts and meetings it gets easier and easier for your reps to hit that bonus - and they’ll sell. You cant beat that kind of
constant exposure of products to customers, and the company I worked for made that monthly bonus back in spades.

That being said, if I was told what to do everyday in the position I’m in now…I’d be looking.

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