I kept calling my manager to help me close deals...now I don't

I used to call my manager and either couldn’t get them on the phone OR they were completely unhelpful- as if my ambition to close the deal was a bother to them! Managers ignore the details and don’t ask the right questions. The simply don’t care to! They’re too busy and just want to swing the gavel. Most corporate sales managers were outside-hires who don’t know how to sell. Alternatively, they’ve just gotten sleepy and negligent. SalesCall (dot me) Is an on-the-spot closing assistant. They literally got on the phone with me and my customer and helped me to close the deal. They evaluated my line of business and asked personal questions about my position as well as the customer’s position.

Closing tool in your back pocket. I swear by it and I’ve become a SalesCallⒸ member.