How to send 50+ quality cold emails a day

Hey squad, I’ve been struggling with personalization at scale for… forever.

We got access to the GPT-3 AI and are trying to get it to mass-personalize cold emails so we don’t have to write emails for 6 hrs a day.

Want to see if it works for you and help us improve it? DM me or comment and I’ll link you to the project.

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Hi Doyle, that sounds really interesting. I’d love to learn more.
Thanks, Emanuel

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ah - apparently I can’t message you directly so I’ll share here. Totally free to try because it’s very early stage. just share your thoughts please!

My hope is it’ll write 90% of your sales emails for you, especially for your B and C tier accounts.

Easy! Apply for a SEQUENCED account: It’s the perfect cold email software. Automatic follow-ups, dynamic variables in your email body etc.