How to send 50+ quality cold emails a day

Hey squad, I’ve been struggling with personalization at scale for… forever.

We got access to the GPT-3 AI and are trying to get it to mass-personalize cold emails so we don’t have to write emails for 6 hrs a day.

Want to see if it works for you and help us improve it? DM me or comment and I’ll link you to the project.

Hi Doyle, that sounds really interesting. I’d love to learn more.
Thanks, Emanuel

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ah - apparently I can’t message you directly so I’ll share here. Totally free to try because it’s very early stage. just share your thoughts please!

My hope is it’ll write 90% of your sales emails for you, especially for your B and C tier accounts.

We use for this. It’s quite pricey but it has great results. Usually we reach around 25 warm leads monthly. We’re B2B to it makes more sense to us to scale this way than through manual cold emailing.