How to manage stress in sales?

Hi everyone, lately my job as a sales rep has been extremely stressful. There is a lot of pressure being placed on me and the other reps by our manager and the company in general to reach our quotas, and it’s getting difficult to keep the stress from affecting my personal life. Does anyone have tips on how to lower my stress levels in the workplace?

Hi Andrew, I definitely empathize with you in this situation, sales is a stressful field and it’s essential to have strategies to cope. For me personally, finding resources to make my job easier definitely alleviates some of that stress. Badger’s route optimization and CRM integration tools have been an extremely efficient way to manage my time effectively. Other ways I have been able to manage stress are consistent exercise and meditation practices. Anything that makes you feel healthy and allows you to clear your head will help you manage your work stress. I hope this helps!

Ask yourself, “what if my doctor exhibited a high degree of stress?” What about your accountant? Then there is your lender, your motel or hotel clerk. What about a fireman showing nervous energy or a cop shaking before entering a building?

Feeling stress can be very natural but when it dominates your performance you must ask yourself if you should stay. The best career that matches who you are, can still have occasional stress but one that you feel comfortable in dealing with and not overwhelmed.

Hey Andrew! @graysonf mentioned this briefly, but meditation is a technique that has worked really well for me. Even taking 5 or 10 minutes to engage in deep breathing exercises can clear your mind and take some stress away. Personally, I find the app Calm especially helpful. It has tons of guided meditation and mindfulness practices to help users manage stress and anxiety!