How to improve at intuitive selling?


Hello you all!

New to the forum, and I decided to start my participation here asking you, the pros, how to improve at intuitive selling. I’m brand new to this area of soft skills, and therefore, your advice will be more than welcome. It will be treasured!

Thanks in advance!


Hi @MenualX! I think going back to intuitive selling makes a ton of sense. Nowadays, sales reps don't need to provide information about their products to their prospects, what they need to do is to empathize with them and provide them tailored solutions. Going off the script and stop repeating the same sales pitch, is what will help you build stong relationships with your customers. The best advice for intuitive selling is to listen carefully to your prospects during a meeting, this way you'll be able to understand their pain points and deliver a tailored answer. Keep in mind, that listening is your only tool when you're improvising, so I wouldn't recommend this technique to those with poor listening skills.