How to get over a prospect’s head?

Hi all! I’m new to sales (almost 6 months in) and am wondering how to get to the final decision maker involved sooner? I usually get to the building good rapport stage with my initial contact and struggle to go further. How can I get over the prospect’s head without explicitly asking for an introduction to the DM? Can the community share some of the tactics that’s worked for y’all? Thanks!

In my experience, after going through a few initial meetings and establishing rapport with your primary contact - it’s perfectly reasonable to ask “is there anyone else you can introduce me too, or that I should be speaking with regarding Product X?” Keep in mind, especially if your new to sales and selling something complex, the 7 touch rule. Generally it takes 7 touches before someone says “yes,” and that just takes time. This is particularly true if your working on displacing an entrenched competitor.

Another strategy that has worked for me is setting up/hosting a Lunch & Learn, making sure that decision maker is invited/anyone else whom is relevant is invited. Make sure this is planned out in advance where their calendar is open, and work with your primary contact to invite the most relevant individuals. After all, who doesn’t jump at a free lunch? You may even reach other relevant individuals or penetrate a different segment of said account.

Good luck!

HI, welcome to sales! Ask some less direct, clarifying questions like “am I correct in assuming that you’re the final decision maker to X project?”, “can you share the info of those who would be involved in this deal?”, or something similar might work in getting the prospect to direct you to a higher-up. Although this typically only works when they already think you’re a good fit, it’s still worth a shot. Good luck!

Hello, thank you so much for the tips! I will keep the 7 touch rule in mind and I’ll make an effort to be more direct with my primary contacts in the future. And hosting a lunch is something I’ve never thought about before either!

Yup, experience tells me that it’s unlikely a staff member will offer an introduction to a DM. If you’re hesitant to ask for a referral, you can reach out directly. Looking through LinkedIn to find the DM usually works. And rather than the old cold calling or email, you can try making an impressive introduction by mailing over some case studies from clients in the same industry, a personal letter, or a relevant gift, even.

Hi All, I have the same problem… what are the methods to get an initial reach out to other stakeholders within a B2B sale?

The methods I can think of:

  • Visit the client on-site and get introduced to other stakeholders
  • Try to organize a presentation so that more participants can attend
  • Ask directly which may or may not get results

Please feel free to add or advice, looking for more ideas, thanks.