How many sales calls do you make per day?

Hi all! I'm a new sales rep (a few months in) for my company and as of now, most of my prospecting consists of making sales calls to potential customers. I'm trying to nail down my daily routine, but I'm unsure how much time I should allocate towards making calls. I'm always worried that I'm either not making enough calls or that I'm spending too much time doing so. This leads to my question: How many sales calls should I aim to make per day? Do you guys have a set amount you always make, or does it vary depending on your situation? Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
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Hi Jae, that's a great question. That really depends on your goals and the requirements of your sales team. In my case, I set about 1-2 hours per day prospecting. What tends to happen is that I need to set myself up for the following day (or further out), so I'll spend my afternoons (4:30 pm to 6 pm as of late) prospecting. With the time it takes to research, I'm probably making over 20 calls in these sessions. Although, some days I'll be doing more, especially when time allows. Hope that helps!