Gamification tools

What are some sales gamification tools you 've been using to increase team productivity and why.

Hi Sam, a sales gamification tool I’ve been using for my reps lately is Hoopla. Hoopla can take your existing data and transform it into a leaderboard where you can track everyone’s performance. It is customizable and has has a variety of gamification features. This includes things like weekly challenges and milestones. In the case of my team, we’ve used Hoopla to organize monthly competitions where we give out prizes to the reps who’ve finished atop the leaderboard, biggest movers, etc. It’s been a good way to give our reps a bit more incentive to hit their quotas. I definintely recommend incorporating some forms of gamification to your team!

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Thanks for sharing! Also found something similar looking at, but this connects with CRMs. Also found about It seems a growing trend. That’s why I am looking to learn more about it.

I will definitely take a look at Hoopla.

Our company also uses Hoopla, and it plays a significant role in our team meetings. At the end of the month, winners are given cash prizes. We measure out different KPIs and the leaders in each category are given cash prizes. There are 2 different categories, depending on the amount of money they stand to gain. The second one includes these prices: Most calls to new leads in the month, highest outreach to leads through email and LinkedIn, and the higuest number of in-person meetings. There's a different price for the top two reps that have converted the most leads - that's the first category. Often times, winners of the latter are also winners of some of the other prizes, so there's an opportunity to stack. Overall, team members look forward to the end of the month cash reward. They work hard week to week to stay on top the leaderboard and watch it pay off.
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