Field sales training to get ahead?

What is the best training for becoming a field sales representative?


The best training would be just going out and doing it! You will learn from your mistakes. In Field Sales the best training you can get is by going out into the field and reflecting back on every meeting you had with a prospect. By doing this, you will be able to evaluate what you can do differently and better next time.

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For me, I have found that talking to other Field Sales Reps that have more experience has given me some sort of training. Also watching informational videos about Field Sales and what to do in different situations. Badger Maps CEO Steve Benson has some great videos that give sales tips, advice, and keep me educated on different sales skills. My favorite ones are the “Training Tuesday” videos! You should definitely check those out for some sales tips!

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I am relatively new to sales too. But from what I’ve learned so far, I can say: The most important thing is to know your product inside out so most of the training will be done on the job. My advice would be to find an entry-level sales job in an organization that offers great training for its sales reps. That will help you a lot.
Besides that, I would take advantage of the free training materials that are available online. There are awesome Podcasts, Blogs, and Videos out there! A few weeks ago, I came across this blog and found some great resources. My favorite format is podcast since you can listen to them from everywhere.

This is a general question that can be taken in different directions and still manage to get the results you are looking for. Remember there are several ways to score a touchdown. You just have to make a commitment to one.
I would agree with most people saying that on the job training is the best. I would just add to find the most successful people that are achieving the things that you want and copy exactly what they do. They say if you copy exactly what the successful people do it is impossible to get the wrong results.
I would also suggest that you religiously study, read books, and listen to audio that many experts have created to teach people like you about being a salesperson. You can start here with this blog site with excellent information Face To Face Sales Training

You can’t beat hard won experience. If you’re looking to invest in something extra for personal growth, check out Linkedin Learning. Linkedin presents the material in an online course format, and you can generally pick up some good nuggets of info. I’ve actually used a couple of the courses to help on-board a few of my distributor sales reps. Something to think about.