Ethical Dilemma

So, I’m realatively new to outside sales and I was curious how to handle a tricky situation. My company is offering our product at a discounted price in a couple of weeks but my client is ready to buy now. Should I tell them to wait or just close the sale now? I just kind of feel bad if I don’t let them know but getting the deal in the pocket right now would help me meet my monthly goals. Plus, I feel like if they end up finding out about the discount, I’ll lose credibility and so will my company. What would you do if you were me?

Tell the client, you will win them over for years to come.

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Tell your client about the upcoming deal. Let them make the choice. If you have a good relationship there and you’re into “radical” transparency, you could even let them know how this effects you personally (not hitting your goal), and that you believe having them as a customer long term is more important. Sales is a long term game. Long term customers that come back to you again and again are more profitable for you and your company. Your credibility is also a long term thing. Don’t sacrifice it, even if it means you will miss your monthly goal.


Can you get your company to give the discounted price now? If yes then inform your customer that you were able to get them a better price, this will build their confidence in you as their sales rep. If no inform the customer that a better deal can be had if they wait until //__, then let them make the choice of when they want to pull the trigger.

Either way you win.


Talk to management and see if you can provide the discounted price now, even if you know the answer is no…its good for the brass to see you’re making moves and thinking outside the box. In my opinion, inform the customer and let them make the decision. A strong relationship with the customer is worth more than one monthly goal, in fact by informing them you could meet multiple monthly goals down the road.