Does an outside sales rep require a real estate license?


I recently met up with an outside sales rep. He has a great wholesale product and I am very much interested but a friend of mine told me they require a real estate license and this rep didn’t have one. He seemed a bit confused when I aksed. Is is true they need a real estate license or is my friend wrong?


You only need a real estate license to rent apartments as a broker or to list and sell property as a broker broker or agent. If you own your own apartment building or selling your own home you don’t need a license.

Your email mentions selling a wholesale product, what would you need a real estate license to sell a product for?


@JobSiteSafety is correct. The only types of outside sales reps that require a real estate license would be real estate brokers and agents. So, unless your buying property. It’s not necessary for them to have it. However, they should be certified in some way. The most common ones are CMR and CSP. Hope this helps.


Outside sales reps that are not selling or doing anything in Real Estate would not require a Real Estate Sales License. Here is some info about what you legally need doing outside sales Is Door To Door Legal?


Thank you all for clarifying, my friend had misinformed me. This rep didn’t require a license given the product he was selling me wasn’t property. I was able to go through with the deal.