Content marketing in sales

Is writing content really worth it for generating sales leads? How would you position it compared to other lead generation activities?

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While content is usually part of marketing, it is really important for sales because it encompasses all the information that goes between your company and the lead. Whether you are trying to give them more information about what your company can do for them or you are trying to get their initial attention, your writing skills will greatly impact how you get your message across.

I think the most critical part of the writing process is the beginning. You need to do enough research to know your intended audience. Your lead should not just be coming out of a random lead generator, but should come out of a lead generation process where you are able to be specific in who you are looking for. Once you have an ideal profile for a prospect, you are able to write specifically for them. Once you do the research, your writing will become more clear.

I suggest talking to someone on your marketing team if you want to learn about what content your leads come in contact with before they speak to you. It might help you get a fuller picture of your leads so you know how to close them.

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I think writing content is always worth it! People tend to do at least some background research on a company before they decide to start using their services. For example, I always like to look at the blogs of the companies that I buy from so I can get a better idea of the company as a whole.

Content marketing can be a great source for leads. You tend to attract quality leads but before you take on the challenge of creating content you must be committed to doing it.

Content marketing takes time to reap any benefit from it. Throughout the time it takes to get anything from the content you create you have to be fresh, consistent, and relevant. It does not work well when you are not publishing anything consistent and the info you provide is not up to date.

So overall if you are willing to put in the time and effort before you receive anything off your work then I would say it is worth it because you do receive quality leads off of content.

I definitely agree with the previous answers, and I also think content marketing can help marketing and sales teams to obtain a better understanding about the audience that the content is reaching. By looking at who is viewing your content and what they are commenting, the company can improve both its marketing and sales strategies to target those audiences. You can use feedback from users on your content to generate new leads.