Cold email software

Hi, I need your advice. I am looking for a software tool for cold emails. The thing is when I send an email I need the notification if the person received or answered my message if not, then remind me to send another email. Which of them works the best?
Thanks in advance

Do you mean something like how Gmail reminds you to follow up after a few days if there’s no reply?

At a very basic level, running YAMM out of google sheets shows you who has opened and clicked, so you can follow up accordingly. Free for 50 emails a day.

At a more advanced level (but not at the prices of, Groove was a good enough Gmail add-on.

Sure. Here are few good softwares that will help you.
Snov - Free email open tracker (Google Chrome extension)
Reply - Free email outreach software
Dripify - LinkedIn automation tool
You can find more such 1500+ free softwares & tools on

Hi Nhung,

Have a look at It’s exactly what you’re looking for!