Cold call to a room with a phone

I work in a very traditional industrial manufacturing industry and make cold calls on a regular basis. Over the past few years I have noticed a new trend in front entrances to my prospects buildings. Most of the time when going through the main entrance there is a receptionist, or someone else who can provide me with a contact name. Lately I am coming across newer buildings with a small room with a wall phone. Sometimes there will be extension listings - i.e. purchasing, plant manager, etc… But more and more I am finding a placard stating “you must know the extension of the person you wish to contact. No soliciting”. With no directory.

So has anyone found a way to get by the phone with no listings, or the “NO SOLICITING” sign when you are cold calling?


Hi @Mr-Bandsaw, I’ve never come across that but I would say, try to get to the receptionist if there is one, even if he/she can’t give you a contact. You won’t be asking for anything when just leaving information about your product and contact information.

Another way you can get contact information or at least their extension/phone number is through reaching out on other platforms first. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to find out if you have associated connections with each other, someone who may be able to introduce you to them. And then you can message them there first before going in.

Thank you for your ideas. When I cold call these “phone rooms” there is often no extension listing. When I dial 0 there is a 50/50 chance I get to speak with someone. More often than not I get a recording - “If you do not have an appointment please call our main number and schedule a meeting”, or “If you are here for an unscheduled sales call please leave your material by the phone and it will be forwarded to the proper individual”.
These rooms are designed to keep salespeople away.

I have never confronted these rooms either. However, if these companies are your target market and they use your product or service try the direct approach. If your target is a member of upper management, he or she will have someone else filter through the emails sent to them. So, first computer search the company and find what management values. Discover the names of your decision makers. Then, hand write a letter to the best decision maker you found. In this way, your letter will reveal that you know something of the company and can empathize with corporate ideology. That alone will separate you from all the rest sales reps. Also, taking the time to know your target business will be impressive.


Thank you for you input. After I call on these rooms and am not able to talk with anyone I do a manufacturer’s register search, find out what I can about their company and management. I also look to see who their competition is, and if they are a customer. From this information I create a letter specific to that company addressed to whoever is closest in function to a plant manager. I have found throughout the years that this is more often than not the decision maker for the products I offer.