Closing strategy


Whats your best closing strategy?


I like to use a strategy I call the ‘Auto-Closing Sale.’ This means giving people a free trial, so they start using the product, and they get to see how much it helps them. By the time the trial ends the prospect knows if the product is something that they want. Then also letting them pay month to month ‘auto-closes’ the sale, because it’s not a huge financial decision.

This method is really great for the prospects. They get to set the product up, deploy it to their users, and actually try it out live. This process takes a lot of the risk of a purchase off the table, because if a prospect has done all of these things, they have the information in place to know if the purchase is a good idea or not. And risk and fear stops way more deals than any other factor.


Thank you for your reply! I think that this is the best strategy for selling software. I am a dental supply sales rep. We usually give samples for new products like toothpaste and cleaning liquids for surgery instruments.

What is your opinion about subscription based selling on these materials. We can’t do it for oral surgery supplies, because a lot of the materials can be used for many years, but we were thinking about the model below:

Dental practice buys the regular supplies every month on a subscription basis and when they have
a yearly subscription, they get a reduction from 15% on for example the surgery instruments.

Looking forward to your view on this!


Hi Norbert! I really liked this idea. I think it’ll bound your clients to you, which will be positive for your sales. One question, what would you see as “regular supplies”?


Hi Laure!

I would see any product which you could order every month as a “regular supply”. Often this are disposable dental supplies like plastic cups, gauze sponges, syringe tips, endo bibs, ultra-speed film for x-rays, cements and disinfectants.

These supplies take a lot of space when you need to order them in bulk. Buying it in subscription form, we can lower the price towards the same level for when they would buy in bulk. This will make that the customers have less money stuck in their stock and more free space!


Do you think this would do for SaaS products as well?


Hello Ryan! To answer your question, yes. The ‘Auto-Closing Sale’ is what we use for our own product, Badger Maps, which is SaaS. It allows the consumer to test out the app and see how much value it adds to their business.