Cars for outside sales reps

For reps who drive a lot - what car are you driving and do you like it? Looking to replace my old Honda, it’s time for a new one!

The VW Passat is by far the best car I have had so far. It is extremely comfortable, spacious and looks fancy. The fuel economy is great. I basically can get 600 miles on a single tank without the fuel indicator warning going off. The best part is that it starts at only 23K. You should definitely consider this.


I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid and it works great for me. It has nice leather seats, radar cruise control, and some other neat features that I really like. I save a lot of gas with it too and overall it’s a very nice, comfortable, spacious and easy to drive car.


My company has an allowance for cars so I didn’t get much say in the selection but I’ve liked driving my 2016 dodge charger. The seats aren’t the most comfortable but it works for me.

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In my experience going for a smaller car is better if you are the city. You don’t need 5 seats if it’s just you all the time and it’s definitely easier to find a parking spot. It really depends on your budget and needs though, there is no answer fits all here.

If it ain’t foreign, it’s boring. I’m with Laura on the Toyota Camry hype. I wish I had a hybrid, I’ve heard from so many people that you save a ton on gas. I drive a 2015 Toyota Camry, and its been very reliable and is just big enough to hold the samples I take on sales pitches. If your car is also your office, (like so many outside salespeople) it’s essential that you have enough space to “work.”

Have to agree on the Camry Hybrid. My company car is a '19 Camry Hybrid LE, and I cover about 40,000 miles a year. Love it. Nice and quiet for phone calls, comfortable for extended trips, has apple car play, and I’ve been averaging 49.2 mpg over the last 5,000 miles which allows me almost 600 miles per 12 gallon tank. I cover Oklahoma, and do a ton of highway - radar cruise and lane departure assistance (seriously helps when typing emails…hey, we all do it) are a super nice touch. Overall a nice package for someone whose a road warrior.