Best sales podcasts


Does anyone listen to podcasts when on the road? Which ones would you recommend?


Depends on what you’re looking for! There are a bunch of good sales podcasts out there with good tips. My favorite one is the Salesman podcast with Will Barron ( Has great advice on pretty much every sales topic you could think of.


My favorite sales podcast is “The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast” hosted by Steli Efti who is the CEO of The topics for his podcasts vary but his advice and scenarios are always relatable. I also just saw that Badger has launched their own sales podcast called “Outside Sales Talk” with their CEO Steve Benson:


I also highly reccommend the Salesman Podcast with Will Barron. He interviews B2B sales and business experts.

The runtime is about 30 minutes, so perfect for a drive and it’s got more interesting to listen to than some of the other sales podcasts I’ve come across.

My favorite episode is 132 with Ali Mirza.


I like the Sales Evangelist podcast, it’s perfect for listening to some good tips while in the car. Lots of their episodes have imo great advice for new sales reps or even when you’re more experienced. It covers different sales strategies you can use and how you can improve your sales skills in general.


There are tons of good sales podcasts out there. It really depends on what you’re looking for as a lot of them are pretty targeted too. I personally enjoy The Sales Influencer Series - a podcast featuring B2B sales thought leaders!


I actually find it refreshing to listen to not-sales related podcasts. I really like The Art of Charm and The Future Of Work, which are more motivational and career/leadership oriented.


I see where you’re coming from @borgesdan I like to listen to general educational podcasts such as Freakonomics Radio or just interviews with inspirational and influential people like The Tim Ferris Show. Especially the second one offers a lot of useful professional and personal growth advice, whereas the second delves into super interesting (sometimes a bit more academic) topics.


I agree with @aj753. Especially on long trips, I like mixing up my podcasts, getting some inspirational ones and comedic ones as well. My favorites are The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes and You Made It Weird wtih Pete Holmes. Sometimes, I listen to audiobooks too. They’re a great way to catch up on new books even when you don’t have time.


I’m a huge TEDx fan and recently switched from watching to listening to them! Can only recommend doing it, the small size of most talks is the perfect tid-bit to fit in between my daily routine and give me some food for thought.


I am a fan of Grant Cardone. I can appreciate his passion and enthusiasm Grant Cardone Podcast


I really enjoy listening to Gary Vee on the #AskGaryVee podcast. The guy gives really good sales tips and it’s easy to stream off Spotify.(


A favorite podcast of mine is #Accelerate! with Andy Paul. He is a well-known coach for sales teams and I find his show to be very informative and enjoyable. He often has guests on his show that share their tips and strategies for generating better leads and closing sales.


Personally, I love listening to more motivational type podcasts such as “From Scratch” or “Started from Nothing”. They have really inspiring guests most which are entrepreneurs who share their stories of success and give advice.


If your looking for a podcast specific to field sales I would recommend Outside Sales Talk. It’s hosted by the CEO of Badger, Steve Benson. They have really good guests and go over tips that I have found really helpful.