Best sales advice


What is the best, and maybe most random, piece of advice you’ve gotten from your sales experience?


After you ask for the sale SHUT UP!!! Don’t talk yourself out of a close. After you ask for the sale the prospect has to either respond with a yes or offer an objection, at which point you overcome the objection and ask for the sale again.


The best advice I’ve ever gotten was to always follow up with prospects and ask detail-oriented questions. You want to build a connection with your prospects in order to be able to identify their needs.


Throughout my sales career I have gotten countless advice. But, the best advice was told to me at the beginning of my sales career from my manager. That advice was to stay organized. It’s very important to maintain an organized system with your contacts, meetings, and follow ups, so you stay on top of everythying and don’t miss any opportunities.


Besides everything that was already said, I think it really depends on the exact position (think seniority) you’re hiring for, how much experience they have etc. For me the ability to learn quickly and work autonomously are pretty important, especially in sales.