Best outfit for sales meetings?


Hi everyone!

I’ve just landed a sales job in a new field: Medical Devices, and I’m not sure what’s the best attire for my sales meetings. I spend my days with doctors, administrators and hospitals’ finance departments. I’m used to wearing jeans and a polo shirt, but I feel like I should dress up for these meetings since my prospects generally look way more elegant than me. I’m not too good at this and I feel like I could end up being overdressed… What would you recommend? Do you think the way I look like is important in this type of sales?

Thanks in advance!


I would suggest wearing something slightly better than your prospects. If you clients wear jeans and a t-shirt then you should wear khaki pants and a polo. If they wear khakis and a polo then you should wear dressy khakis and a dress shirt. If they wear a suit then you should always wear a suit.
Never over dress or be flashy. That can give an impression of being rude or cocky. Wear warm colors that seem inviting and not pushy.
Dress like your prospects but slightly better. People like people like them and of course people buy from people they like.


I completely agree with @davesells about wearing something slightly more formal. As a matter of fact, a study has proved that wearing a formal outfit influences negotiation powers, improving the position and giving an advantage to those who dress more formally. In many occasions, this topic is overlooked, but actually, the clothes you wear can affect your mental and physical performance. Keep in mind that people prefer clothing that matches expectations, but a slight deviation from the norm has a positive effect as it conveys that you’re powerful enough to take that risk. Check out this article to see how the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made an impact by wearing suits and fun socks!