Badger Maps and Wine Sales?

Hello there,

I have been in wine buying for a while, now I will starting a new career as Wine Sales Consultant starting April 1st.
Given that I will be in the field most of the times, do you think Badger Maps will be useful in this role ? If yes, how so ?

Thanks in advance.


First off, congrats on your new career. I have been in sales for about 11 years now, and my sales process has been made a lot easier by using Badger. My company’s sales team uses the app and it has increased productivity tremendously. Basically, if you’re out in the field a lot and have multiple places to get to in a day and you want to plan your routes in advance, you’ll benefit from Badger or a software like it. I don’t know much about its competitors, but Badger is extremely easy to use and very efficient, and I highly recommend it.


Tank you for your answer.
I have watched all the demos on this website. Although I haven’t used yet, I understand how Badger simplifies a sales person life outh there.
My only concern is that my company does not use Badger, nor any other tech app. So does it make sense for me to get it ?

As I see it, you have 2 options:

You can either pitch it to your manager and try to make your whole team use it (it works great for teams!), or you can start using it yourself and, as you start seeing a positive impact on your sales performance, it’ll be easier for you to convince your manager to implement it. They usually offer a long team trial, this is the best way of checking if it’s the right tool for you.

Hi Zipie!

Congratulations on your exciting new career path! Badger Maps helps many sales reps, sales teams, and sales managers increase their sales by 20-25% and reduce driving time by 8 hours each week. With several features that make the app user-friendly, it doesn’t take long for salespeople to learn how to use it and be on their way to making more sales each day. We appreciate your interest in Badger, and want to help you in any way we can!

Because you are in wine sales, this blog is perfect for you:

We also understand the concern of transition for your sales team and company. However, companies like L’Oréal have been able to seamlessly integrate Badger into their sales routine and reduce training time in half. Check out our case study on L’Oréal’s use of Badger and how it helped their company make more sells and cut down on training and planning time:

For more information on Badger Maps’ features, benefits, current customers, and pricing, or to start a free trial, you can visit our website at, or give us a call at (415)-592-5909.

For demos on how to use Badger, and other visual demos, visit our YouTube channel at

For additional information on the benefits of route optimization apps in general, check out this Badger Blog:

Best of luck in your new career, and happy selling! Feel free to shoot me any questions you have.

-Badger Buddy