Artificial Intelligence and Sales

I am interested in opinions on how Artificial Intelligence is likely to change personal selling in the future. Your input would be appreciated

The number one tool in sales is language and the communication derived from linguistic dialogue. Language consists of abstract symbolic meaning that cannot be sufficiently codified into predesignated definitions to reflect the human condition.

In fact, Western Psychology is based on physical concrete observable data based on statistical algorithms displaying mental functioning. That means, they cannot capture the mind of any one person but set up only a structure representing a Virtual MInd.

The more we become technical the further we drift from humanity and sales is a very human enterprise.

Agree Anton Artaud, couldn’t have said better. sales is a very human enterprise.

Are you aware of AI used in predicting buying behaviour based on conversations in sales, which is rooted in buyer’s personality and in turn buying preferences?
These could also be live conversations.

We have a tool that does exactly that; deciphers buying behaviours from conversations written or oral, so sales personnel can adapt and sell more authentically, efficiently and effectively.

If Rudi or you are interested, happy to engage and share.