Any Golf or Sports Sales reps here?

Hey guys,
I am a recent college grad with a degree in Business Administation. Now I am looking for a job. Since I have been golfing for the last 10 years and I really enjoy it, I would love to find a job as a sales rep for golf equipment to combine my hobby with business. However, a friend who works in the industry told me that it can be very tough with extremely long hours and low pay. Does anyone here have any experience regarding golf or sports equipment sales? Would be great to get a better idea from some professionals!

Hey Dan! The golf sales industry can be pretty tough, especially if you’re an independent rep. The job requires a lot of driving, and as an independent rep, you probably won’t get compensated for any driving expenses. Salary is typically commission-based, too, so it can be difficult to make a good amount of money unless you’re really great at what you’re doing. I would recommend finding a nice company to work as a rep for, instead. As a corporate rep, you’d be more likely to get compensated for driving expenses, so that’s definitely a big plus. You’d also have more stability salary-wise. Either way, if you’re really passionate about golf and want to incorporate it into your career, I’d say go for it! Hope this helps!