Advice for newcomer


I’m a young sales rep and just started a job in eyewear sales. What would you say does it take to do well in a such a specific sales role like that?


You have to know your client very well, so for glasses maybe research eyewear boutiques or outlets in the area and give their websites a look for what they offer. Also reach out to people on Facebook or LinkedIn with your same job title and see if they have any tips. You should probably be pretty savvy with specific industry terms too, know about the different types of eyewear, how to differentiate your products over others and what your market looks like.


One thing to keep in mind is that unless you are working for a big eyewear brand like Luxottica or Marcolin, you will be representing a smaller, independent brand. I used to work for Matsuda which is sold all around the world but is not available direct to customers. If you work for a company like this, you are in a unique position to provide service to optical shops that can sell to the customer, with no competition to online sales. Don’t forget to mention this.

When starting out, I wished that someone had told me to learn more about prescription lenses, not just the mechanics of the glasses. Optical shops like to know what kind of lenses can fit into each frame and the best customer for each frame.


Graysonf, good advice. Who your selling to in this case, enjoys learning and can find rapport with those who also like to learn. Describe and sell. You’re job is to make the buyer feel competent and knowledgeable.